A criminally good cookie

There are times where I just cannot win for losing, here I was slaving away in the kitchen to make some gingerbread treats for everyone, and it seems I have done too good a job of it. Who would have known that making a cookie “criminally good”  is an actual offense?

A criminally good cookie

So here I am still dressed in my apron from Candy Kitten  with the oh so proper name Lets bake some gingerbread. And baking some gingerbread is just what I did, and see where it landed me…in jail! Didn’t even get to finish munching my cookie 😦

Talk about jail…if you enjoy making pictures there is a chance that you from time to time use a backdrop. And just as I was wondering where to take a picture today I was given a landmark to Backdrop City. Wonderful place where you are allowed to rezz your  props or light and use one of the many themed backdrops there to make your picture. The jail you see me in on that picture can be found right there.


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