Auf die Reeperbahn

Oh, come here, baby.
Won’t you put on these high heels,
Try this garter belt on,
Hey that butcher bra looks real good on you baby, ha ha yeah
Blue Cheer – Sweet Child Of The Reeperbahn

Auf die Reeperbahn

Some of you might know what Die Reeperbahn is, for others it might be completely new, in short it is a street lined with all sorts of nightlife from bars to brothels. But not just that you can find many famous landmarks there.

As you can see you no longer have to travel to Germany to visit the Reeperbahn, KraftWork + Hera recreated a little piece for us right here in SL, a perfect photo prop as you can see in the above picture.

Now of course you might wonder where to get this amazing looking prop….le’ts think about it….a remake of the redlight zone on the Reeperbahn is quite Kinky…can you guess where you might find it soon? And yes I said soon, you still have to wait for the event to open, but I can already play with this amazing photo prop



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