Little Miss Behaved

Once more Candy Kitten has released an outfit that looks oh so sweet, but truly is oh so naughty.

Little Miss Behaved

Take this outfit for example, well I made it into an outfit but the items are sold separate Diva Princess Skirt and Diva Princess Top. They look sexy enough right as they are, but they come with a twist.

And what is the twist, they come with a get naked version, which means that when you wear this specific version of the outfit, people can click your top or shirt and then…well lets say you allow things to happen

[10:43] Aloriana77 Resident looks at you with burning desire, blows you a kiss, grabs the hem of her skirt, and slowly pulls it down…

Naughty naughty…but fun! And you are in control, people can click all they want but unless you allow it nothing will happen.

[10:44] Aloriana77 Resident HANDS OFF! ITS PRIVATE 😛 maybe later babe…


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