Feeling a bit prickly

You know I do not even know if prickly is an actually existing word in the English language, in case it isn’t….it is now and I claim all rights to it! When I made a picture of the outfit I thought stekels, prikkels, prikkelbaar (yes I think in dutch) so there feeling prickly was born.

Feeling a bit prickly

As I am sure plenty of you have already visited The Kinky Event you most likely will recognize several things you see in this picture, but that will not stop me from telling you about them anyways!

First of there is the outfit, it is the Aster from JF Design, this outfit consists out of three parts, the skirt, a top and a mask. Just perfect to give you that rough edge tough look. Now no matter how tough you look wearing this outfit, you definite need some boots to complete the look, and as boots I picked up the Harley boots from Phedora.

There is one item left I gotten at this round of The Kinky Event that I need to mention and that is the wonderful tattoo named Sober Thought from Identity Body Shop. Now the last thing I want to mention about this post, is not something from an event, but it is a new pose from eTc Poses called Arch.


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