A lazy day

Today is one of those days where I just feel to lazy to even get out of bed, sure I will get dressed but that is about it. Opening the curtains, looking outside I see the sky is gray, rain is hitting the window, definite a day to be lazy!

A lazy day

But even as you can see I am quite lazy, there are still a lot of new things to see in this picture. First let’s start with the new outfit I am wearing from Candy Kitten , which is named Taste my lollipop, granted you might not see it on the picture but you will have to take my word for it that there is indeed a lollipop hidden in the picture somewhere.

Now the pose I am in…can you see all the fun settings you can use it? The pose is called Laying 23 and is from eTc Poses. The last new thing to mention in this picture is a new hair style from eXxEsS the Revenna

A short post this time, but hope you can forgive me for that, I am just tooo lazy to write more!


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