“Under arrest? I think not!”

So here I am minding my own business when a police officer walks up to me and wants to place me under arrest for “indecent exposure”. It really was a clash of will, the officer telling me I was under arrest and wanting me to come along…me denying the arrest and wanting him to come along….I think in the end I won

Under arrest?! I think not!

And oh my there is so much going on in this picture, the prop I am using is -believe it or not- from Rezology! That is right the same Rezology that we know from their hair made a mesh photoprop by the name Rezology Cop Chair and well from the picture I am sure you can tell why it has been named that way.

Now you might have realized by now that a new round of The Kinky Event has started, and several items of what you see in this picture are available at the event right now. So shall we start from bottom to top? That way we start with the boots from N-core called Rhonda.

Traveling a bit farther north from the boots we encounter the sexy garnet from Codex called Aradia, From there we go north a bit more…and still a bit more, and you might just have to stare some at my breast (I know terrible right?) to see the next item there, the nipple piercings from Nova called well in this case called slut..

Drawing your eyes away from my breast you will actually finds another item from Nova on me, the rings called Neveah. for those of you that are like me, crazy about bento, do not worry, I am using the bento hands from Vista and these rings work like a charm. Now we are almost there, bear with me just a bit longer, there are two more items from The Kinky Event that I want to point out to you all.

Let’s start with the collar, from VoluptasVirtualis called Ferone. And I know it is off topic but with a shop named like that I so have the urge to flick a wand, chant VoluptasVirtualis and then see if something happens…perhaps it makes me conjure up more sexy items?

Lastly there is a new tattoo from [White~Widow] that is available at The Kinky Event named It and it is not even about scary clowns! Now we have arrived at the end of this quite long pose, thank you for sticking it out this long!

Aloriana ♥


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