Nice “tramp stamp” dear

Those were the exact words a friend told me when I showed her the latest picture I had made. Granted the position of the tattoo might give that impression, but it is really so much more.

Nice "tramp stamp" Dear

Well not that much more, the tattoo actually covers the hands as well but that is not visible in this picture (that someone else wanted to call “my pov!”). But still…to me the tattoo is way to classy to be considered a tramp stamp.

Then again *ponders* considering that this tattoo from [White~Widow] is called Mustang and available at The Kinky Event. With the name and placement of the tattoo it might just be an invitation to come and ride the wild mustang.

Oooh and I almost would forget, the wonderful sexy pose I am in is of course created by the ever wicked and talented eTc Poses and is called crawling.


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