Soft kitty, sleepy kitty….

Amazing how many new items can be in one picture, but that is exactly what todays picture is about. So instead if a boring list if credits I will attempt to tell you a little bit about what you see here.

Soft kitty, sleepy kitty

Now for a change let’s not start with what I am wearing but with the prop I am in. It is the first release called Cozy Cat Nook from a brand new store Ever After (that will open soon). And it is definite a must have if you like cute items. The Cozy Cat Nook is a miniature bedroom and is all PG with 12 poses, 6 singles and 6 couples. I know my picture does not quite do the Cozy Cat Nook just

Being a sleepy kitten I of course needed some nice comfy pyjama to wear and you might have guessed it they are from Candy Kitten and called Sweet Unicorn Pyjama. The pyjama comes complete with the fuzzy cute unicorn slippers, and a unicorn stuffy to hold in your arms as you are of dreaming.

The last thing I need to mention is the wonderful new skin from session called AnnaBelle for the Catwa head. Now as you might know from previous posts I am a huge fan of the skins from session and will camp out in front of the store when a new skin is about to be released. And as amazing as the skin is, you get more than that. And I believe this is the first time that it has happened, but if you get the AnnaBelle skin, you also get the shape to go with it!

Oooh see I am getting sleepy, there is one more thing I need to mention and that is the new hairstyle from eXxEsS called Venezia. And there we are perhaps a long read but if you managed t read this far you know all about what I am wearing and the surrounding.


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