Darn it I am too late!

There are times when RL is just so hectic that you do not feel like doing anything at all, not even posting a picture and writing a blog, but instead thinking “I will do that tomorrow” and in doing that you are soo late the event is almost over.

And that is sadly what happened to me, Wicca’s Wardrobe has this amazing outfit available at Romp right now, and I been stalling so much that now that I actually sit down to write it, it is the last day of the event. Still there is a little golden lining around this cloud. I bet this outfit will be available at the Wicca’s Wardrobe mainstore right after the event.

Girls night out

This wonderful outfit is named Dasyra and is made for the Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass  as well as for the Maitreya Lara body (that I am using here). The outfit contains out of three parts, bolero, top and skirt, and comes with a  huge HUD (10 colors and 2 metals).

So if you hurry you still have today (the 25th) to get this sexy number at Romp!


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