Heading for a swim

The Kinky Event is still going strong, which means that I get to show you a few more of the wonderful creations that are available there right now.

Heading for a swim

So what have we here, if we start from top to bottom the first item we encounter is a new hairstyle from Rezology called Newsea 1215. Now before you run over to The Kinky Event and look for this style there…let me save you the trip, because for this hair you will have to visit the Rezology Mainstore.

The next item actually is from The Kinky Event it is the wonderful tattoo called Shining from [White~Widow]. The tattoo is available in the colours black. henna and white. And of course as we expect all the major brands of mesh body is supported, and just on the off chance that you own a mesh body that [White~Widow]. does not have an applier for….as long as your body supports the omega system you are golden!

The last item I want to point out for today is also from The Kinky Event and it is the Babe Outfit from American Bazaar. And it is quite the sexy number let me tell you. If the outfit itself isn’t sexy enough with it being all but see through, and the top being just a half cup so your boobs are proudly on display then I do not want to know what your definition of sexy would be like!


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