Oh man….

here we go again, once more I find myself in search for a name to the post. Which is quite sad considering the picture has been staring at me for a few days now, waiting for me to post it and write a few lines. Well I guess my ramblings about not being able to come up with a name should count as “A few lines” so here we go.

Oh man...

What we have here is of course one of the wonderful creations of Candy Kitten called Little Secret Dark and honestly I do not know what they were thinking, cause wearing this outfit there is very little hidden and most certainly no dark secrets!

Now the other thing I definite need to mention about this picture is a new photobox created by D.U.S.T. called euphoric hemoglobin. Now I happen to know that the creator of D.U.S.T. is a vampire princess, which makes me wonder who she was sampling to become so euphoric that she created this.


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