Standing guard

By now you all must have realized that a new round of We ❤ RP has already started and once again it is filled with the most amazing creations, perfect for your roleplaying experiences in the wonderful world we call Second Life. One of the creators that are present is Wicca’s Wardrobe and the outfit they brought to We ❤ RP is so drool worthy. It is called Naesala.

Standing Guard

Besides the fact that the event is full with the most amazing creations, I can give you another reason why you want to go there and visit the stall of Wicca’s Wardrobe there, and that is because for the duration of the event this outfit is 25% off. I just went over there to make sure, but yes…the boots and the outfit come separate, but there is a fatpack!

Now seeing me standing in that wonderful outfit, I hope you can understand why I named this post Standing Guard for that is the feeling it gave me. Standing guard protecting a magical realm of miracles and wonder.

Now as we come to expect from Wicca’s Wardrobe both the boots as well as the outfit come with a hud that allow you to change the colour of the different parts of the outfit/boots. There is only one thing about this outfit that I think is pout worthy, and that is that it is only available for the Maitreya body. However if you are anything like me, it does not really matter for what body an outfit is, chances are you own it!

Aloriana is wearing :
Mesh head : Catwa – Catya
Mesh body : Maitreya – Lara
Head applier : session – Naomi (tone 03)
Body applier : session – Maitreya (tone 03)
Head shape : session – Naomi
Body shape : Custom Made
Eyes : session – Midnight
Hair : Magika – Never
Outfit : Wicca’s Wardrobe – Naesala @ We ❤ RP
Boots : Wicca’s Wardrobe – Naesala Boots @ We ❤ RP
Light : LUMIPro


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