I am waiting for….you?

The main inspiration for this post is a new pose from eTc Poses called Waiting 1 and well since just using waiting as a title for a post is a little short I changed it a little bit. For those of you that do not know yet eTc Poses is by Envy and Curtis two amazing photographers that also make some incredible sexy and sensual poses.

I am waiting for...you

On my back you can see the latest 3D-tattoo from Carol G. called Inside Me I so love the effect these tattoo’s have, how the shading truly gives that 3D feel to it, in this case as if I truly have a zipper alongst my back. And boy do I seem to carry stuff inside me, not too long ago I had a monster trying to get out and now again a zipper opens up to give a peek inside me. Now if you are willing to show people what is lurking inside you, head on over to anyBODY and pick up the tattoo Inside Me from Carol G. there.

Besides how incredible good I look, there is one more thing about this picture that I want to draw to your attention, and that is the Vibrants Photoboot from D.U.S.T. that I am using. You will see I used these boxes in several of my pictures and intend to use more of them. Right here you can see the different photo boots.


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