Taking a break

Every now and then I return to a wonderful sim called serein to see what changes have been made and when their I always head of towards the serein club as well. Now the sim itself is open to all, but to get into the club you have to join the group, which requires a small fee but is so worth it!

Taking a break

And it was such a happy surprise to see the club has been completely redone, bigger, better and still naughty and classy! So I happily used the club at serein as my motivation to make the picture. Imagining I am just taking a break from all the naughty fun that is to be had there.

Several items in this picture are from The Kinky Event so if we go from top to bottom let me point out what is from the event. The first thing we encounter is  the choker from :::NOIR::: called Alex. The choker comes with a hud that allows you to change the ‘title’ on the tag as well as set colour or use the hud to resize your choker for just the perfect fit.

Next is a skin from WoW Skins named Gisela for this picture I am using the milk tone to give a nice contrast with the outfit and tattoo that I am using (but we will get to that in a bit). With the skin from WoW Skins is also a shape with the name Gisela which of course I used for this picture to give you a good idea of how it all will look.

The next item you might notice in this picture is the colorful tattoo from Redfish called Chinoiseires and it is such an amazing tattoo, I am confident you will see this one quite a bit in the upcoming posts about The Kinky Event. Now the very last item I want to mention that is from The Kinky Event is the wonderful dress Sybille from Luas. Now this outfit does come with a choker, but I chosen to use a different one for this picture. With the fatpack comes a hud that allows you to chance the colour of the bra, lace and skirt part of the corset. Which had me do a double take because as you can see in the picture I completely missed the bra part!


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