As I mentioned in a previous post it is time to get our kink on at The Kinky Event  so todays post is of course featuring creations from there. But of course there is so much more to be found in the wonderful world we call Second Life so not all that you will see in the picture is from The Kinky Event .


What is from The Kinky Event  is the outfit from Sweet Kajira called Esmeralda, I am sorry ladies this outfit is only available for the Maitreya body. And honestly that is such a shame cause it is quite the sexy outfit! The top comes in two versions, a regular and a sheer one, I guess we all know which one I choose to wear for the picture.

The next item from The Kinky Event is the wonderful hair Mira from {Limerence}. And this is exactly the reason why  I love fairs so much, Personally I have never heard of {Limerence} but I definite have to head over their store now and look at the other hairstyles they have.

And of course I cannot forget the wonderful pose that I have used, it is the pose called Roses from eTc Poses.

The last thing that I wish to mention is the wonderful tattoo named Clue from Carol G. this tattoo you can get right now at Lost & Found and is available in the colours red, black and white.


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