In the family way

As you all know Second Life can be a great platform to experience some amazing roleplaying, you can be a daring captain of a sky ship in a steampunk setting, or perhaps you are an elf? The only limit is your very own imagination. However not all forms of role-play that is popular is this exotic, family life within Second Life is also very popular, perhaps even the most popular form that I have encountered in SL.

In the family way

And before you go “WHUT THE WHUT?!?” no I am not pregnant, but the combination of a dear friend enjoying her SL pregnancy immensely and having received and update from LAB737 for their HeartBeat-Tummy, I decided to for this picture be in the family way.

In the family way too

Now let me tell you a bit about this tummy from LAB737 I do hope the pictures did the product right, with the update the tummy is omega enabled, so what that means is that you can use a broad range of skin appliers, as I use in my case with an omega applier from Pink Fuel.

What also is quite new (or at least I think is new) for tummies like these, is that there are several layers, which means that besides applying your skin (as in my case) there is the potential of applying a tattoo as well!

Well here we are, a quick little post, something very different for me, inspired by a dear friend enjoying her SL pregnancy!



2 thoughts on “In the family way

  1. I agree with you on the idea you can be anything you want in SL, which is why it is not a game but a virtual social platform and I think it is great if you want children to become pregnant what I tend to get annoyed at is “tummy talkers” RL pregnant women do not have voices coming out in public but you attend an event or a lecture and it is so annoying hearing those type of comments “can’t wait to meet mommy, or mommy needs to take a vitamin well you get the gist ~ but good article and great pics


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