Too lazy to get dressed

Well not really but I thought it was a fun title to give myself an excuse to be completely naked on a picture again. There are so many amazing creators within SecondLife that work so hard, that at times you can get overwhelmed with all the releases and are in danger of missing an item.

Too lazy to get dressed

That almost happened to me! I can say almost because lucky for me the event where this particular creator is at, is still going. Now if you peeked at the picture you might be able to guess what this post is about. Indeed it is a new tattoo released by Carol G. that is available right now at anyBODY.

The tattoo is called Wings & Lace and as you might have come to expect is another quite delicate tattoo from Carol G. I just ran over to the event, and you have until the end of this month to go there and snatch up this wonderful creation!


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