Well I knew that would get your attention *grins*. Todays post is about a few more creations that is available right now at The Kinky Event.


So this is going to be another short but sweet post, since I know how you all hate reading large texts, and I admit….my boobs are much more fun to look at than it is to read the text here.  Now the first item I want to bring to your attention is covering my boobies, it is the Chained Top (silver) from American Bazaar.

Now I have to be fair there is much more to the outfit than just the chain top, it is actually an outfit consisting of bra, panties, top. But for this picture I choose to just wear the to and I am pretty sure you will forgive me for that.

Now the second item in this picture is also from this wonderful round of The Kinky Event and it is located between my boobs, so it is all ok to stare now! The wonderful tattoo is from RedFish and is called Precious


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