Always be safe

Anyone that has seen my blogs and/or pictures have seen that I seem to spend most of my time in some state of undress. about to get in trouble or being in trouble. But I promise there is no reason for you to worry, I am being a good little girl and always am safe.

Always be safe

Well being safe explains some of the items around me, and honestly I cannot even think of a reason why I have some of these things here, I mean what reason can I give you for having a Spermatozzo Bag or a Spermatozzo Doll Girl around? Oh wait there is one good reason…..The Kinky Event. At the event Una has a gacha with a wide selection of fun (and naughty) items, the Intimisi Gacha. Several items of this gacha are used as props in this picture.

Now I know that with a fair like The Kinky Event you expect everything there to be naughty in one way or the other. But that is not always the case, take for example the skin here that I am using from WOW Skins is called Gemma and I am using the milk tone.

Aloriana is wearing :
Mesh head : LeLutka – Simone (bento)
Mesh body : Belleza– Freya
Head applier : WOW Skins – Milk @ The Kinky Event
Body applier : WOW Skins – Gemma @ The Kinky Event
Shape : L’Etre– Aya
Hair : ExXeSs  – Gin
Hands : Vista – Bento mesh hands
Nais : Gorgeous Dolls – Slay
Mouth : Una – Open Condom Green @ The Kinky Event
Outfit : Candy Kitten – Hello Princess
Light : LUMIPro
Props used :
Una – Spermatozzo Bag (intimisi gacha) @ The Kinky Event
Una – Spermatozzo Doll Girl (intimisi gacha) @ The Kinky Event
Una – Condones (intimisi gacha) @ The Kinky Event
Una – Open Condom Green (intimisi gacha) @ The Kinky Event
Dirty Secrets Candy Bow Ottoman RLV
+Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses – End Table (White)
+Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses – Easel (Wood + Roses)

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