“To drool for”

A few more days and a new round of The Kinky Eventwill start, and lucky me already can show you a few items from there. And believe me the creations this round most definitely are drool worthy (all bad pun intended).

To drool for

And you might not realize it but even in this small picture there are several things that are available at the The Kinky Event. Shall we start? How about we start with the name of this post, it is really a hint at the Bento Drool HUD from Dirty Secrets that available at the event right now.

So what is it? As the name says it is a hud that allows you to drool, which I never thought I would have any use for, but working on this picture I did see the merit of it. There are lots of ways to customize it, giving your look that little edge you might be wanting for. Another item I wear is not from The Kinky Event but it is from Dirty Secrets and of course I am talking about the Naughty Princess Ball Gag. The hud that comes with it allows you to customize the gag, there are colour changes for both the ball as well as the strap, but also the text on the ball can be changed. Since I am such a sweet and loveable person I went for the innocent Babygirl text.

There is one more item in this picture that I got from The Kinky Event and it has been made by the amazing talented Wicca’s Wardrobe. It is the Asema Collar and there are two versions in the package, one pure decorative (as I use in my picture) and one containing the OpenCollar scripts making it a full functional colour. Now this collar also comes with a HUD that allows you to change the colour of several parts of the collar.

Oh and just as I was about to wrap this up..if the HUD has a section that says click here for more options you really should do so. I just now did and a whole new set of options opened up for the collar!!


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