Naughty is as naughty does

Honestly I did not set out to make a naughty picture, but it just happened by accident. Playing around with poses, with props and then suddenly you think, hey this is a fun (and naughty) pose, wonder if I can make a picture of this.

Naughty is as naughty does

And well there is a good excuse, cause there are some items I wanted to highlight in this picture and I think it works pretty well. First of there is the wonderful 3D tattoo from Carol G. called Butterflies and Flowers that is available right now at Shiny Shabby. This style of tattoo is so amazing, the shading that she provided, really gives it a 3D look,. to the point that people argue with me that it cannot be a tattoo but that I am wearing a prim.

The next thing about this picture I want to mention are these boots from Candy Kitten , they are called Your kitty heels and socks. *grins wickedly* and the name of those boots really inspired this picture,  showing my “kitty”  whilst wearing Your kitty. What can I say, it takes very little to amuse me. But I do believe that with this picture I have proven that these boots make a perfect outfit all on their own, I am sure no Daddy will complain seeing their Babygirl dressed like this.

Now this wicked fun pose is thanks to the Bondage Bar by Ama & Nais  that is available right now at Romp. Definite something that you need to have, several fun naughty poses. And of course making this picture would not have been possible without the help of my trusted LUMIPro.


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