On away mission

Todays post is all about the overall Gia from Salt & Pepper that is available right now at We ❤ RP.

On away mission

Now as always I have the rough outline what picture I want to take, but where to take it? I prefer to go to sims for my pictures, but where? So I just visited some random sims until I ended up at Fade away by Cica Ghost. Another wonderful creation from Cica and to me it gave a nice alien feeling, perfect for space cadet Aloriana on her first “Away mission”.

Aloriana is wearing :
Mesh head : Catwa – Kimberly
Mesh body : Maitreya – Lara
Head applier : session – Tanya (tone 4) @ The Liason Collaborative
Body applier : session – Tone 4
Shape : session – Tanya shape
Hair : ExXeSs – Gin
Hands : Vista – Bento mesh hands
Nais : Gorgeous Dolls – Slay
Outfit : Salt & Pepper – Gia @ We ❤ RP
Light : LUMIPro


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