This was one of those moments where I was hanging out with a dear friend, and we decided to make a picture of us together, and well love the picture so much that I decided to make a blogpost about it, so the title could not be simpler or more truthful Friends.


The wonderful lady besides me is Destiny you can admire her version of this picture right here. Now here comes a bit that is a bit cheating about this post, since I really did not change at all from my previous post I can rerun the credits *grins* see another benefit of being naked with a friend….

The head applier that I am using is from session it is the Tanya that is available right now at the The Liason Collaborative and as mentioned before it is an applier that is for the LeLutka Mesh heads.  And of course I am still wearing the fabulous tattoo Freelove from [White~Widow] that is available right now at On9.

There we are, a quick blogpost born out of the naked togetherness of two loving friends! Thank you for posting with me Destiny


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