“Scooting” around

You might wonder what I mean with the name of this post, but if you look at the picture you will see what appears to be a motor scooter from Vespa. And over here in The Netherlands we simply call them scooters. So hence the name of this post scooting around.

Scooting around

The picture itself was taken at the wonderful sim Maison de L’amitie, a wonderful sim where it is quite easy to imagine you are at the Riviera. Both the outfit and the boots I am wearing in this picture are from The Kinky Event and whereas it is so easy with a themed event like that, to give the pictures a kinky twist, this time I steered away from that. Wanting to show you all, that even though the items might be bought at a kinky event, it works just perfect in every day situations and sims.

The actual outfit is the Lia from JF Design and consists of top, belt/skirt and panties. The mesh bodies that are supported are Belleza (Isis and Freya) and the Maitreya body (which I am using in this picture). The outfit comes with a hud that allows you to change the colour of the metal parts of the belt.

The next item that I got from The Kinky Event are the Nevian boots from Phedora. What I love about these boots, (and all the other boots that I own from Phedora) that it also comes with a hud, allowing me to select one of the 22 different colours for my boots, and as you all know that is such a life saver.

Last but most definite not least there is a new hairstyle from ExXeSs the Asha, for this picture I used a red colour to create a nice contrast to the blackness of the outfit I am wearing. Now as I say I am using the red colour, that does not mean that you have to buy 400 times the same hair just always in different colours. Each pack from ExXeSs  comes in an A and a B version. The “A”  version comes with a hud with 56 different colours.

Roll the credits :
Mesh head : Catwa – Kimberly
Mesh body : Maitreya – Lara
Head applier : session – Fae (tone 1)
Body applier : session – Tone 1
Shape : session – Fae shape
Eyes : IKON – Charm Silverleaf
Hair : EXxEsS – Asha
Hands : Vista – Bento mesh hands
Nais : Gorgeous Dolls – Slay
Outfit : JF Design – Lia @ The Kinky Event
Boots : Phedora – Nevian @ The Kinky Event
Light : LUMIPro


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