“Face down….”

Blogging for the Kinky Event gives me the perfect excuse to be a bit kinky as well and express such in my pictures. But even then I had to think a few times about this picture that I took this time, but hey part of the fun of blogging is that you get to play with all kind of different items, so here I am…


There are several items in this picture that come from the current round of The Kinky Event. Let’s start with the items that are the inspiration of this picture, the so aptly named Bella’s Up the Butt Stuff from .Birch. And yes just as the name implies it is a selection of stuff for right there (not like you could not tell from the picture).

Now you might recognize it from my previous post, but I once again used the tattoo Inception from [White~Widow], where yesterday I used the white one, for this picture I opted for the black version. The picture I did yesterday was so light that I am not sure if the wonderful design was done right, plus…..if you look at yesterdays picture and todays, you will see that the pattern of the tattoo is both in front as well as back.

Lasly from The Kinky Event is this hairstyle Night from Fabia. And even though it is not an item from The Kinky Event I do wan to mention this sweet teasing pose from eTc.



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