A lesson in decency

Now how do I keep finding myself in situations like this? Not too long ago I was in time-out and here I am being disciplined again for lack of decency. And it is so completely unfair! If a sexy outfit like this does not come with any undies, it just means that it is meant to be worn like that right?

Lesson in decency

And honestly, I do not know why this position would teach me anything about decency, if anything, the huge grin after having put me on the bar like this, just encourages me to be wearing clothes like this more often.

Honestly I love the fact that this specific pose on the  Ballet Barre from Stockholm & Lima is called decency, though I have to admit it most likely would be much more decent if I had on some underwear. And for that I happily blame Candy Kitten !

Yes as you might have guessed by now, this is another outfit from Candy Kitten though the actual outfit has a few pieces that I did not use in the picture because it did not fit in quite with the picture. So when you buy this outfit, along with what you see, there is also the cute bunny ears as well as an adorable little bag.

Aloriana is wearing :
Mesh head : Catwa – Kimberly
Mesh body : Belleza – Freya
Head applier : Pink Fuel – Bambi (crystal)
Body applier : Pink Fuel  – Crystal
Shape : session – Jewel shape
Eyes : IKON – Charm Paradise
Hair : ExXeSs – Lora
Hands : Vista – Bento mesh hands
Nais : Gorgeous Dolls – Slay
Outfit : Candy Kitten  – Juicy Baby Bunny
Pacifier : Stockholm & Lima – Pacifier Gag
Prop : Stockholm & Lima – The Ballet Barre
Light : LUMIPro


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