Playing with my balls

Well that grabbed your attention didn’t it? Today just a little playful picture displaying the amazing creations from Lure as well as [White~Widow] and Rezology .

Playing with my balls

The skin in this picture is the Rebecca one of the two skins that Lure has out at the Skin Fair right now. The other skin from Lure that you can get at the fair is called Emily, but I will display that one in a different post.

If you pay close attention to the picture, you will notice that I am wearing two tattoos in it, both of them are from [White~Widow]. To begin we have the Wonder that is available right now at The Liason Collaborative. And then there is the tattoo called Ikko II for your favorite mesh head, that is available at On9

And there is so much more about this picture, of course there is the new hairstyle from Rezology the Butterfly 197. Rezology is so incredible productive, all those new hairstyles that come out all the time, and of course all of them are materials enabled, rigged for mesh and have a lowered complexity. Now it is no secret that Rezology is working on theit own mesh head, and I have been lucky enough to see teaser previews and I honestly cannot wait till it is released, it promises to be a fun fantasy themed head.

Now the last thing that I have to mention here, is a store that most likely most of you already know, but that I encountered whilst shopping. It is called *The Mystic* it is located in the Zenith mainstore, there are not that many creations yet, but what they have, I bought and I have fallen absolutely in love with them. So the entire outfit in this picture (and a few items you cannot see) are from *The Mystic* I strongly suggest you head on over there and take a peek!


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