It is magic

I love fantasy, be it movies, games or books and one of my favorite fantasy creatures of all times are without a doubt the elves. And SecondLife being the wonderful place it is, has so many opportunities to express that love for fantasy. So it is quite common that when you bump into me in world, that I have styled myself as an elf

It is magic

That is exactly what I did in this picture , I revisited one of my favorite skins from NuNu Skins & Shapes, the Cathryn in the tone peche. And discovered very happily that the skin works just perfect with my Catya bento head from Catwa. Now I know that bento gives us the ability to change our ears from the bento head, but to me that is so much hassle, and I simply adore my sylvan ears from BentBox.

And with a skin as fair as this one, I just had to use some eyes that would really pop, and this the Magical Blue from Sessions came to the rescue. And I have to admit, with the black eyeshadow, these eyes most definitely pop.

And yes I know elves do not have wings but hey it is my SecondLife and my fantasy, so therefor this elf has wings!. In this particular case the wings are brand new and come from the current round of We , one of my favorite fairs on the grid. The wings and outfit are from Belle Epoque and are called {Fawn}. At We is at least one other item that I consider a must have, and that I am showing in this picture, and that is the wonderful tattoo named Snatched from [White~Widow].

Lastly, the hair I use in this picture is Leshenka from eXxEsS and as always the light in this picture is thanks to that wonderful LUMIPro.


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