Every pet needs a home

A lot of fun new stuff in todays blog, some from the Hentai Fair and some from the Kinky Event. Combine them and you get…rawr!.

Every pet needs a home

First thing I want to mention about this picture is the Sexy slave dog house from Astralia I picked this up at the Hentai Fair and it is just a great fun prop. Well I guess it is a bit more than just a prop, the little house comes with a hud which allows you to change the colour of the feeding mat as well as the letters above the entrance. And of course there are five different poses.

And well when you have such a nice home for a pet, you of course need a pet, and I looked and looked and looked but I did not find any pets at the Kinky Event so I decided to volunteer myself and go life in the dog house.

And this little pet is not just naked in her shiny new house, nope there were several fun items at Kinky Event There is the “outfit” from JF Design Cordia that consists of Bra and Panties, well I guess I really should not call it an outfit….though for me it is! The next item you cannot miss, it is the amazing new tattoo from Carol G. called Intense. I know some people are worried with their bento hands, that they will not be able to wear tattoos anymore. Well you can stop worrying, in her latest tattoos Carol G. included an applier for the bento hands, such as you can see on the Vista hands I am using.

In previous posts I mentioned the wonderful skins from Sessions, and in this picture I am again using one of them, the Naomi. What I did not mention before is that the shape (the shape for the head) is also from Sessions! The body I am using is Lara from Maitreya the head is of course from Catwa,and is the bento Catya head. The hairstyle in this picture is one of the latest releases from Rezology called Danger.


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