I admit I have been quite lazy, even though I have taken the picture quite some time ago and posted it on flickr, I completely forgot to write about it. Bad Alor bad bad, something so gorgeous and I forget to write about it!


See did I say to much? It is an amazing outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe that is available at Romp right now. The outfit available there is called Chelsea and consists out of a corset and a skirt. As we have come to expect, there is a hud that allows you to change the colours on both the corset as well as the skirt. To complete the look I went and used an item from an older release from Wicca’s Wardrobe the wonderful bracers from the Trinity set.

The boots you see are Alex over Knee boots from Reign, and now I see them I honestly cannot imagine why I do not use them more often. The hair I am using in this picture is one of the wonderful creations from eXxEsS called Citron.


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