A new round of Shiny Shabby has started, and that means that amongst of the many treasures you can find there, there will also be a new amazing tattoo from [White~Widow] and that tattoo combined with a fun pose from eTc Poses, form the base for todays blog.


Now shall we go from top to bottom? Starting at my feet, you will see some something quite rare for me, you see a pair of sexy nylons that are part of the Nardcotix set called Lucia. Now the next thing you will see on me is available at Shiny Shabby right now, it is of course the wonderful tattoo Harmonium from [White~Widow] .

What we see next is the wonderful bento head from Catwa, the Catya. And I have so fallen in love with the entire bento system. The new sliders make it so much fun to create a new look or just make some slight alterations. The look I have right now is from the Mia 30 skin from Sessions  you can get a wonderful shape with it. What I did, is use the numbers of that shape with the body that I really like, and then tinkered some.

Now we come to the second piece of bento mesh that I own, and of course I am talking about the bento hands from Vista . The wonderful nails you see on my hands, are specifically rigged for bento and are the Savage Doll Slay Nails from Gorgeous Dolls.

Now there are just two more things I want to mention, there is of course the wonderful pose with prop from eTc Poses Laying 7 (with chair). And of course the light for this picture has once more been provided by that wonderful little tool from LUMIPro.


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