Captured butterfly

Having a new amazing tattoo from Carol G. a sexy pose from eTc and feeling naughty. definite the recipe for a wonderful time making a picture. I hope you all will forgive me that todays post quite literally has very little to it.


Still there are a few things on this picture that I want to mention, first of all there is the incredible sexy pose from eTc called Couples 10. Their poses are so sensual so well made, I guarantee you will have a wonderful time making pictures, at least I did.

Next I want to mention the tattoo from Carol G. called Ballade of Butterflies. You do not even have to battle lag and fight to get into a fair to get this tattoo, all you need to do is to head over to the mainstore.  Now you also know why I named the post like I did…a captured Alor wearing a butterfly tattoo……a captured butterfly *grins* and well this butterfly might just be errr “pinned” .

The last thing I want to mention about this picture is the new hairstyle from Rezology, it is the Kylie And I have to say it fits just perfect on my bento mesh head Catya from Catwa


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