In the garden

There are sims that are so gorgeous that you return there over and over again, and when they change constantly it is even better, a new place to discover every time you go and visit. One of these places is without a doubt The Outer Garden.


When I slipped into this sexy lingerie Victoria from Salt & Pepper , I just know I wanted a sim with lots of whites, striving to for a soft and feminine look. Sadly I just realize that I been a tad too naughty whilst making this picture, so on Flickr I definite will have to set it as restricted!

Now about the lingerie set Victoria, Salt & Pepper made a nice complete set that contains mesh bra, garter & panties + matching stocking appliers. Now even though I am wearing the stockings, you cannot see them in the picture (I know bad Alor, bad bad). This sexy lingerie set comes for the following “sizes” Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Venus. Now do not all rush to her sore to get this sexy set, you will have to wait till the 10th to get Victoria at Mesh Body Addicts.

Now of course there is more to me than that sexy lingerie set, there is what I by now call my base look. The mesh body by Maitreya, my bento mesh head Catya from Catwa. The hairstyle Milva from eXxEsS. And of course the bento hands from Vista.

Now there are some more new things about my look, I discovered a wonderful skin store that I never visited before called Sessions where I bought this wonderful skin called Mia. And the owner Angi was so nice and helpful, she provided me the numbers for the bento head she used in her own pictures. Whilst at the store I could not help myself and bought some new mesh eyes as well. The ones I use in this picture are the nature mesh eyes.

As always I gratefully made use of the wonderful photographers tool LUMIpro in this case to provide the light that I needed and desired just exactly where I wanted it.


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