I am not spoiled, I am a princess

Now before I go on about the picture, I am tickled pink that I am allowed to blog for eTc Poses. I am a great fan of both Envy and Curtis their SL photography is amazing, a true inspiration for me. Now apart from being amazing photographers they also make some of the most sensual poses you will find within SecondLife.

I am not spoiled, I am a princess

So yes here I am proudly doing my first blog for eTc Poses using the pose Female Floor Pose 7 that you can find either in their main store, or if you are lazy like me you can simply go to their shop on the marketplace.

There are a few more things in this picture that I think deserves to be mentioned, of course no matter how sweet a pose is, you still need a good looking avatar. And recently I been trying for the sweet innocent look again (mind you I do not claim that I am!) and one of the things I did was going to Pink Fuel and got the Bambi skin in the Crystal skintone, and boy does that give such a sweet and innocent look.

Have I mentioned yet that I have fallen in love with the Catya bento head from Catwa? So many looks you can create by simply playing a bit with sliders. The hair that I am using is one from Rezology, and has been fitted especially for bento heads. Now of course since everyone customizes their head, it can mean that you have to play with your sliders a bit to get the perfect match. But that is a small price to pay for being able to customize your look I think.


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