Training your Babygirl

So here is what can happen when you are a spoiled brat. A few weeks ago some old guy asked me to sit on his lap, and asked me what I wanted. So after climbing on his lap, we talked about the first thing that came up, and I mentioned I wanted to be a ballerina. Now the old guy told me that since I been such a naughty girl he had just the thing to help me train.

How to train your Babygirl

Admittedly it is not quite what I expected *sighs* I guess you just cannot trust any man in a red suit anymore, no matter how comfy his lap is. Though there is no denying how flexible training with this equipment makes you. Now I am sure many of you immediately recognize the wonderful Ballet Barre  from Stockholm & Lima that makes such a wonderful prop…and that offers so many delicious wicked options. To me the amazing stylish looks is one of the things that sets them apart. You could have a home decorated with nothing but Stockholm & Lima creations (and omg I so wish!!!) and you would never know anything until the moment you start using the menu.

Just before making this picture I have been shopping, and been to some stores that I have never been before. The first stop was at Sweet Thing, where I picked up this wonderful Helli Harness. And believe me it definite is a store I will return to quite a few times, there are a lot of creations there that are now on my wishlist. The harness that I am wearing in this picture is for the Maitreya body, and it fits just perfect. And what is a huge bonus…all bits are covered! So you can go out and walk around without getting in trouble..though walking around in this sexy harness would be at your own risk.

The hair in this picture is from Pr!tty and is available at the Project Se7en event. Oh very important for all of you out there that have the Catya Bento head from Catwa like I use here in this picture, the hair from Pr!tty fits just perfect!

Now there are two more things about this picture that I want to mention, first there is the wonderful tattoo from Carol G. the Romantic Roses which will be the exclusive tattoo for the Crossroads event starting January 3rd. Now this picture would definite not have been possible without an amazing little photographers tool called LUMIpro..if you do not have it yet, go to the mainstore, get a demo and I guarantee you will fall in love with it.


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