50 shades of pink

A few days ago I made a picture where my butt was at least 50 shades of red, due to the nature of the picture I did not blog it, but you can see it here  (NSFW). Today making a picture that honestly is all about the wonderful tattoo off [White~Widow] I once again find my butt to be a colour….

50 shades of pink

*sighs* and no my butt was not red this time from a good time a.k.a. a spanking, but from this fun little Bad Girl Shorts from Real Evil. Right now you can empty out their store for 40% off and that is exactly what I have done. I mean, let’s face it I am way to naughty for Santa to give me presents..*ponders* or not naughty enough perhaps…..either way, who needs Santa when you get 40% off at Real Evil?!

Now back to the mean item of this picture so eyes up please I am talking of course about this wonderful tattoo by [White~Widow]. Some of you might recognize this tattoo, it is of course the Music Box but now it is the season 2 version with three new colours : Lavender, Green and Yellow. The lavender is the one I am wearing in this picture. Now since I recently switch to not only a Bento head but also to Bento hands from Vista, I was a bit worried if the applier would work well. And it kind of does as you can see in the picture. I used the omega applier for the entire body and it gave the high intensity tattoo and that worked.

Now since I used a Maitreya body I used the regular Maitreya applier first and then choose medium, switched to the omega applier for the hand…and those always came out full intensity, now there is a chance that I been doing something wrong, I have not had these hands for that long yet.

Now the last thing to see on this picture will be the hair from Rezology that I am wearing, and well with a name like Lovely Lass how could I not play with this hairstyle?. Now to end this post, for the light I made use again of LUMIpro, the 2017 version. if you have a friend who is into SL photography and you do not know what to get them, I can recommend getting this hud…they will love you longtime!


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