Cold feet

No I am not getting cold feet because I am nervous, or because I suddenly lack the courage to do a dare or something like that. My feet are literally freezing, why? Cause I am standing in the snow!

Cold feet

Salt & Pepper brings this wonderful outfit Boyana to We , and as scancily clad we can be with this outfit, Salt & Pepper has been kind enough to come with several sets that work perfectly together. There are three different sets available at We .

There are the following sets available: bra & panties, skirt, vest. And of course there is a full pack available that includes everything and allows you to mix n match the fur and leather colours. In this picture I am using the fatpack, just not the bra…the vest is more than enough to cover all that needs covering….just a bra might have been just a tad too cold!.

Whilst you are shopping at We  make sure to check under the Christmas tree, there are several gifts there from designers, all free (you need to be in the wlrp group). Amongst the gifts you can find there are the warm fur mufflers from We  that I am wearing in the picture here.

But there is so much more to see in this picture apart from the wonderful landscape of course, if you are looking for a winter place to make any pictures, I can highly recommend a visit to Winter Trace. But back to me, the picture is full with goodies from all different kind of events. There is the wonderful delicate tattoo from [White~Widow] Sing that is available right now at Winter Trend SL.

But I also managed to sneak into Collabot88, well I managed to go to one of the off-sim shopping sims (such a great solution) and came away there with quite the nice bag of loot. Two of the items I got at Collabor88 you can see in this picture. First we have the Natalia applier from Glam Affair, which I happily used on my Bibi head from Catwa. And last but not least at Collabor88 I picked up the Sugar hairstyle from Tableau Vivant.


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