” In case of emergency….

break the glass!” I was walking around at the Kinky Event  looking for inspiration for my next picture…and there it was, a wonderful display case made by ER. Now these Doll Cabinet is not part of the Kinky Event but I do think you should get them.

In case of emergency

A life sized “doll”  in a box, to be taken out when you are ready to play with it *grins*. And like any other good doll….you need to dress it first before being able to undress it. Now the Alor 2017 model already comes with clothes and all extra’s. What I am wearing here is the Nomi outfit from Asteria, which consists of the  sexy top and bottoms, and of course this entire outfit is available a the Kinky Event. What I do love about this outfit is that, as you can see, it is very sexy and teasing, yet it is not over the top, so you can explore all over SL without worry, though I cannot promise people will not stare at you!

Next that I think I need to mention is the wonderful new tattoo from [White~Widow] named Fences that is available on the Peace of Earth Hunt right now. And I do think the tattoo completes the look very nice, it just draws attention to long slender legs….

Also in this picture you see me wearing something you do not see that often on me, yep that is right, I am wearing boots! In this case I am wearing the Singapore Boots from KC. The boots come with  a hud that allow you to change the colour on about every part of the boots, so no matter the colour of the outfit you are wearing, the boots will always match.

Enough about the outfit, let’s talk about the kinky doll….err I mean me! I once again switched to using my Belleza Isis body and used one of the wonderful skins of Nunu’s Skins & Shapes again, in this case I switched to the Cecile in the tone Peche. I switched back to using my Catwa heads again, for this picture I am using the first mesh head from Catwa that I ever bought, the Annie.

Last but most certainly not least is the new hairstyle from Rezology that I am using here called Sleekly Framed 2. Now here I am….a perfect little doll in a case, ready to be taken out to be played with.

In case of emergency, break the glass


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