She’s a maniac

Locking rythms to the beat of her heart
Changing movement into the light
She has danced into the danger zone
When the dancer becomes the dance.

Michael Sembello – Maniac (Flashdance)

She's a maniac

The outfit in the above picture is a very special one, it is the first ever creation from Salt & Pepper for The Arcade Gacha Event. This wonderful outfit is called Maniac. With this type of outfit and this name, can you blame me for immediately thinking of Flashdance, and trying to make a picture in that theme? Now as you can see, the movie and the song that (I think) inspired this outfit, is from the 80’s (1983) so I tried to give my picture a little bit of a vintage feel.

But enough of that, back to the outfit. As we all know The Arcade Gacha Event is all about gacha, and that is how you can get this She’s a maniac outfit from Salt & Pepper. With every 25th pull you will receive an award that contains the legwarmers and hood in cozy fur as well as two Christmas bodysuit, one red solid, one red snowflake printed. the award is copy, no trans and therefore can not be given away. As it happens the award is exactly what I am wearing in this picture, well almost I am not wearing the hood, it just got in the way with my dance practice. Remember, the award is only available at the arcade, you will not be able to get it at the mainstore later on.

As you can see I am still using the Ever from LeLutka and I think I will be using this mesh head for a bit longer. It is nice to switch it up from time to time and I always loved the LeLutka heads, but boy do I wish they supported omega. It is one thing when you are mesh addicted like I am, but when you have to buy different skin appliers because of the different systems it can get expensive. Now on the topic of appliers, for this picture I again am using the Ana-Lucia applier from DeeTaleZ.

And just like yesterday I am still using hair from EXxEsS  the Jaci only this time I used the handy dandy hud to turn myself into a blonde.


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