Screw the roses….

The Kinky Event is still in full swing, which means that there is so much more for me to show you all. Todays picture is all about the creation from Wicca’s Wardrobe that is available at the event. And well…since I am more a Screw the roses, bring me the thorns kind of gal, a rose just had to be included in this Kink inspired picture.

Screw the roses, bring me the thorns

Now shall we start from top to bottom? First there is a new hairstyle that I gotten from EXxEsS  the Jaci that I bought this morning just for this occasion. This hairstyle as I have come to expect, also has the breeze and materials, meaning that some of the hair will move as if a breeze is blowing through it. And we all know what the materials do, it gives that nice effect when light hits it just right.

And this might come as a shock, for once I am NOT using a mesh head from Catwa, wanting to change it up again, I went out and bought the Ever from LeLutka. And whilst I was at it, I had to make a stop at DeeTaleZ and pick up a new (well for me) new applier there to go with my new head, so I got the Ana-Lucia in the tone mixed type.

And then we finally arrive by what started it all, the inspiration for this picture (and my shopping spree), the Raven outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe available right now at the Kinky Event . This wonderful outfit consists of three parts, the body, garters and how can you miss them the boots. For this picture I choose to wear the latex version of the outfit, because…..well latex is fun!

Now if you are like me a mesh addict, you probably want to know for what mesh bodies this outfit is available, that would be Slink Hourglass, Slink Physique, Maitreya.


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