Kitten wanna play

Just one more day and you can get your kink on at the Kinky Event, and this is definite the event where Santa will buy his goodies from for everyone on his naughty list. But honestly if you see what all is available at this event, who would ever want to be on the nice list? Definite not me! And as you can tell from the picture “kitten wanna play!

Kitten wanna play

So much to see here, so let’s just start. First of all there are the basics. for this picture I am again using my Belleza Isis body and a customized shape to give me a bit more curves, which I think worked out just perfect for this picture. The pretty little head in this picture is the Dyana from Catwa , the eyes have again been supplied by KON , the Triumph Electric and I must say I just love how these eyes simply draw attention.

For skin I once more went for one of Nunu’s Skins & Shapes again I selected the Danielle but this time in the tone Lumineux. And as soon as I was ready like that, Carol G. appeared and laid claim to my skin, and created a most wonderful tattoo named Delt that is available at the Kinky Event. The hair in this photo is again a reduced complexity one from Rezology, this time the Allure. And I must say,, I love seeing a designer/creator that takes the time to update their older work as well.

Now to get in this sexy pose I have had a little help, in this case the help came from .Birch who are at the Kinky Event with this wonderful Mercy Ottoman. I know you cannot see it too well, but believe me this is definite one fun item that you want to have. It is loaded with 20 very fun and sensual poses, and I foresee myself using this prop for quite some time to come.

Now one thing you cannot miss in this picture is the mark I am wearing, BackBone is present at the Kinky Event with two styles of mask. There is the Leather Crow Mask and of course the Leather Cat Mask that I am wearing in this picture. And admit it….wearing a mask like that, doesn’t it transform me into a kitten that you just have to pet to see how much I can purr?

One of the last things in this picture, and the last thing (for now) from the Kinky Event is the sexy Hurricane Latex Bodysuit from Luas with matching Hurricane Cuffs. Now the outfit also comes with a blindfold, but I choose to not use it for this picture and grab the Cat Mask instead. Last but most certainly not least, we have an item that is not from the Kinky Event but is actually store-bought quite some time ago at N-core.

Ok this is the last thing I am writing for now, I promise. But I cannot end this post without giving proper credits to the wonderful sim Serein. An amazing adult themed sim, perfect to wander around with that special someone, or as I like to do…make pictures. The picture for this blog has been taken at the Serein Club. The sim is open to all, but to enter the club you need to become group member for a small fee, very worth it in my opinion.


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