Setting the tree

It is sneaking up on us, even when Christmas is still almost a month away and over here in The Netherlands Sinterklaas has yet to arrive, everywhere you look you can already see the Chhristmas decorations in the shops….and the first people are setting their Christmas tree.

Setting the tree

Upon receiving this wonderful coat Sophie from Salt & Pepper and of course the fact that it is available right now at the Tannenbaum event, I just have to combine the two. For all of you not familiar with the german language, Tannenbaum is the tree most often used as Chrtistmas tree, and has been immortalized in severeral songs.

As  you can see this luxurious coat Sophie makes a perfect outfit all on it’s own…nice, warm, soft….perfect to wear whilst decorating the tree, and then to surprise your special someone by slipping out of it as the job is done (or when taking a break) *grins*.

Now as we came to expect from Salt & Pepper the coat comes in nine different colours and has a hud included the belt. buckle and optional top. Of course you can always just go for the fatpack so you have all the colours, not only that, with the fatpack you have the ability to mix all the fur and leather colours as well. This coat (which is an outfit all on it’s own) is available for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya.

In this picture I am using the Isis version of the coat, because well you guessed it, I switched back to my Belleza Isis body. Now the wonderful Danielle skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes is just perfect, this time I used the Lumineux skin tone and applied the Winterblush option, to give the effect of that cute winterblush.

And hey, elves and Christmas just belong together, so also for this picture I had the perfect excuse to keep wearing my wonderful sylvan ears from BentBox, not that I honestly need an excuse for it anyways. Last thing to mention about my look for this picture, has to be the mesh eyes from IKON , the Sovereign Ice


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