Black is the new black

I never understand it when people say “40 is the new 30”  or “orange is the new black”. What is wrong with the old black? I tell you what is wrong with it….absofreakinglutely nothing! Therefor Black is the new black!

Black is new black

Having said that, and with this picture you can without a doubt tell why I am of this opinion. The wonderful outfit I am wearing in this picture is called Gemma from Wicca’s Wardrobe available at Enchantment. The outfit consists of the pants and the jacket. Now when you are at the Enchantment looking for this amazing outfit make sure to pick up the free gift that is there. It is not in this picture, but you will love it I am sure!

This time I am using my Maitreyabody again with of course a mesh head from Catwa , the Dyana. As for the eyes I once more use the eyes from IKON, the Sovereign Ice. I have the mesh eye system and have used it before and honestly do like it. But to me, and yes I know it is very personal, I still prefer my IKON mesh eyes. To me they just look better.

Now since I purposedly made this picture quite black (clothes as well as background) I desperately needed something for the contrast, and I found that in two things. First of there is the Anna skin in the colour Peche from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes and then there is the dark red hair from EXxEsS the Senuna.


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