I am blessed with some very talented friends who are always more than willing to decorate my land for me, but there are times that I think “Well I can do some myself”  so there I am climbing the ladder wearing my high heeled boots, and don’t you just know that I completely forgot the decorations?


So let’s see what is all to see here going from the top, first we have one of the new hairstyles from EXxEsS the Mermelada. I do love the hairstyles from EXxEsS as you most likely can tell by now, especially the styles that are both materials enabled (for the shine) and have the so called “breeze”  which make some strands of hair move, as if a breeze blows through your hair.

It might not come as a surprise that I am using one of the amazing heads from Catwa again, though this time it is one that I have not used for quite some time. It is the exclusive version of the Amelie head. The combination of the mesh head from Catwa  and the amazing skins from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes in this case I again used the Danielle in the Peche skintone. And I do so love how the winterblush effect looks on that skin.

It goes without speaking these days that I am using my sylvan ears from BentBox I simply adore how they look, the movement, the ways to customize the look (skin, tattoos, piercing) definite one of my very favorites. When you think of it, it is amazing that as far as I know not more skin makers make an applier for BentBox, considering it is omega. But luckily Nunu’s Skins & Shapes is kind enough to make them.

The next thing that to me stands out is the wonderful tattoo from Carol G. that is available right now at the Mesh Body Addicts called Hippopotamus. Once more Carol has delivered a very delicate tattoo that simply draws the eye. Talking about eyes, once more I found myself using a pair of mesh eyes from Ikon, for some reason I still prefer the “old fashioned”  mesh eyes over the hud system you can get now. Well I guess you will just have to believe me on my word when I say I am using eyes from IKON cause I just realize I snapped the picture just as I was blinking.

You can almost stop reading, just three more items to mention. First of there is the wonderful dress from Pixicat, the Night Dress in latex.  The boots that you can just see in this picture are from Phedora the Desdemona.


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