It was the night before,
When all through the world,
No words, no dreams
Then one day,
A writer by a fire
Imagined all of Gaia
Took a journey into a child-man’s heart

“Storytime” by Nightwish


I know I know I am late with my pictures, but there is still time, if you run to Salt & Pepper you will have still time to get this limited edition of the Sylvia dress for Midnight Madness. You have until Saturday midnight (tonight!). It’s time sensitive , cause this edition won’t be available after this weekend anymore. And as you can see this is not something you want to miss out on.

Apart from this amazing free dress from Salt & Pepper (hurry!) there is of course more to see in this picture, for example one of the lowered complexity hairstyles from Rezology,. in this picture I am using Boho Bonnie. And won’t you believe it, I am actually using a different head from Catwa for this picture, that is right right now I am using Destiny again.

For some reason I am on an elven kick, trying for an elven look in my pictures where I can, and in this case, a gorgeous fantasy themed sim called StoryBrook GardensI fitted right in. Of course being an elf was the perfect reason to wear my sylvan ears again from BentBox  In my vision most elves are fair skinned, for me that quickly tanslates to using the Peche tone from one of the skins from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes in this case I am once more using the recently released Danielle I know you all have seen this skin on my several times before….and you will see it often still I promise!

Still using the Maitreya Lara body, and if you think I have a few more curves now than I usally have, you are right. I am wearing a custom made shape, made by my dear friend Destiny.


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