Come and get it

For about two weeks I have been waiting on my new computer to arrive so I can finally make pictures again and make some posts. It has only been two weeks and so many gorgeous items have been released in this small time, so many amazing events have started.

Come and get it

The first picture I took after my two weeks absence is nice and easy, the centerpiece of this picture most definite (in my mind) has to be the wonderful tattoo from [White~ Widow]  called Moonlight that is currently available at the Kinky Event.

Now as I am more than comfortable with nudity, I originally intended to make this picture wearing just this tattoo on the Cathryn skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes. But after getting spanked a few times by both Flickr as well as facebook over showing nipple (the horror) I decided to play it safe and put on some clothes. Good thing that by now I have quite the selection of sexy clothes, so for this picture I draped a shash from Caboodle around myself and look, I am all dressed!

I have yet to make the switch to bento, so in this picture I again use a ” regular”  head from Catwa, in this case the Dyana. In the recent days I have heard so many people wonder and even be afraid that their current heads will be obsolete now bento has arrived, to me that is a bit silly, your current look does not change just because something new has been released. I love all the different head styles I have from Catwa and will continue to use them quite proudly.

Have I mentioned before how much I came to love these ears from BentBox the ears are completely hud controlled, allowing you to customize things such as the tattoos, the oiercings. But also the ears are omega supporting. Which means your favorite skin maker can make appliers so your ears always match your skin colour, like in this case Nunu’s Skins & Shapes made the appliers to go with the Cathryn skin.


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