Let’s play chess

The original name for this post was “Bishop takes horse” and as you see the picture you will inmediate know it is of course a reference to the game of chess. However discussing this post with a few people their reaction to the title was “That sounds soooo bad”. I guess the mind of some people simply refuses to leave the gutter!

A few days ago, well a few days more perhaps I already mentioned the wonderful collaboration between [evoLove] and Nunu’s Skins & Shapes. And as I promised then I will show some more of this collaboration now.


This entire collaboration has a chess theme, so I tried and keep my picture in line with this theme as well so keeping it black/white. All you see here (well almost everything) is part of this collaboration and available at Tres Chic.

The first item that springs out (at least to me) is the Chessboard, it is one of the rares from The Chess gacha. I used the board for both the floor as well as background. Then there is of couse the white statue right next to me it is the rare Horse from the set.And since you cannot play chess with just one horse, when you get this item from the gacha, you get both the black and the white. The horse actually comes with a pose, the pose is not build into the horse but seperate, I must admit it made me frown a bit, but I quickly realized that it allows so much more flexibility in positioning myself. adjusting et cetera.

Last but most certainly not least we come to me as promised I am actually using a different head from Catwa now, the AnnaGrey. The skin I am using is the ultrarare Black Skiin from the Chess Set Gacha. I was pondering to wear something, to make this picture not resricted but to heck with it. I want you to fully see the beauty of this skin, and imagine all the RP possibilities you could have wearing this.

As you can most likely tell I am falling in love with my Belleza body, loving the curves of it and it is fun for me to change things up every now and then. And being the complete mesh addict that I am, “changing things up” was a perfect excuse for me to go out and buy the Belleza Isis body. A last thing to mention is the hair that I am using in this picture, it is the Sky High from Rezology, it is not a new hair release, but it is completely redone to significantly reduce the complexity of the hair. And as well all know, lesser complexity translates to less lag.

Oh and cannot forget to mention the wonderful system from LUMIpro a powerful tool that is an absolutely must have for anyone that enjoys making pictures in SecondLife.


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