Sometimes it is fun to simply play around with pictures, with new looks and see what result you can get. Yesterday I felt a little devilish, having bought a new mesh body…yep you read it right I got a new mesh body! But don’t worry I am not getting rid of my Maitreya….just changing looks every now and then.


So as you can see quite a few new things there, I decided to go for a little bit more curvy shape than I usually have, which for me was the perfect opportunity to go ahead and buy a new body, and believe me it took me days of pondering, reading different blogs, asking people, trying demo’s but finally I settled on the Isis from Belleza.

Wanting to show off my sexy curves and new body, better believe I was not going to wear clothes, but still wanted to add a little something. So biting my lower lip, feeling brave I went to got some piercings in very sensitive places just to (once more) proudly display these wicked items from Le Gtinch. the Pendulum Piercings. As you most likely can tell from the picture, these piercings are open collar scripted…and believe me when leashed by those piercings you will most definite not struggle and stand perfelctly still.

Can it really come as a surprise to any of you, that in this picture I once more used the fabulous Anna skin from Nunuโ€™s Skins & Shapes nah I thought not! I have stated it before, a skin can be considered a canvas, and you will be hard pressed to find a better artist than [White~Widow] to create her art on this particular canvas. So once again I am proudly displaying the latest tattoo Deepwater that is available right now at The Seasons Story.

As you see I have been shopping as well just before making this picture, I headed over to EXxEsS and got their latest release Caramel. And as I so often do, I used the wonderful system from LUMIpro to add light where I wanted, so being able to create the wonderful shadoweffect you see in the picture.


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