As much as I enjoy blogging I enjoy making pictures so much more, and there are those tmes when I just go and make a picture for the fun of it and I think “hey this turned out nice” and want to share it. Such is the case with the current picture.


What we have are the usual suspects. the destiny head from Catwa . A skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes the Anna. This particular skin is so easy recognizable, just look at the face you see those cute dimples and freckles, that is a sure sign that you are seeing the Anna skin.

Just prior to taking this picture I was shopping at We ❤ RP and amongst the items I got from there was this cute sexy “dress” from Cellar Door called Fauna. Just a few more things needed to finish this look, there is of course the hair from Rezologyonce again one of the older styles (reduced complexity) called Pixie 9.

With that my look was almost complete, just a small details were missing, so back into the treasure cave that is my inventory and I dug up the cute kitten ears from Real Evil and finsihed the look with this delicate Wings Choker from Le Gtinch.

Oops I would almost forget one very important aspect of this look, and that is the wonderful tattoo made by [White Widow]  this specific one is named Deepwater that will be available at The Seasons Story.


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