Itty bitty spider

Just one more day and a new round of The Gacha Guardians will start, this event is a so called instore event, meaning that the gacha machines will be located in the participating stores.

itty bitty spider

For this event Salt & Pepper created this amazing fantasy outfit that most definitely is not for the faint of heart so abtly named Arachnophilia. The spider legs that you see in the picture cannot be won by playing the gacha, but is given automatically with every 10th play of the machine. It is what so lovingly is called The Gift of the Guardian.

Now what you cannot see in my picture but is most definite there, is that you have the chance on winning a giant rideable spider from the gacha. It would be wrong for me to display the picture here, but if you go to the Flickr page of Salt & Pepper you can admire the beauties there. The picture that I am talking about is right here.

Well of course it is not all spidery goodness in this picture, as usual I am using my Maitreya body and a head from Catwa , this time I went back to the Tumble. As eyes I went back to…..surprise surprise IKONand once again went for the Sovereign Chocolate.

Now with such a strong fantasy theme I needed a skin that perfectly fits that theme, so it was a perfect opportunity to revisit one of my favorite fantasy skins from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes and once more use the Evike Dark Mist. Now as you know I do love tattoo’s they can be such beautiful addition to any look. Lucky for me when I was about to take this picture Carol G. just send out a new tattoo that will be available at The Crossroads Event called Cashmira. The hair is once again one of the lower complexity ones from Rezology, this time the Fishtail.


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